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Architectural Accents

The best architectural accents are multi-functional. They not only enhance the finish of your décor but also satisfy the need for practicality and are easy to maintain. At GothicStone we know that of all the materials used for architectural accents, natural stone serves best in adding that signature element to the style in your room and optimizing the functionality.

Our product expertise in architectural accents ranges across table countertops, balusters, sinks, fountains, fireplaces, ultra-thin veneer or retaining walls, door and window surrounds and columns. The stones that we use include travertine, limestone, marble, bluestone and other kinds of natural stone. While our team of craftsmen has skill and experience in working with all kinds of stone, we specialize in using travertine for all types of architectural accents. In fact, apart from the classic Italian travertine, we also offer a more unique range of Peruvian travertine. All in all, we offer you a range of over 300 product types in natural stone spread across a variety of colors, to cater to virtually every kind of need.

At GothicStone we understand that every room is a unique space and houses a part of the life of a unique individual. Keeping this in mind, we believe in establishing an excellent rapport with you, the customer, in order to create a completely customized architectural accent. From design to installation, we try our best to understand your needs and choices, and wherever you are in doubt, our experts and craftsmen are there to provide the right suggestions and advice.

Our expertise extends from designing to finishing and installing custom-built products. To know more about our catalog, prices, products and how we can help you for your room, please contact us. We will only be too glad to offer any assistance for your architectural accent needs.


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