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Travertine Slabs

Beauty certainly is in the eye of the beholder of travertine floors. These handsome stone pavers, along with marble, limestone and basalt alternatives, can set a variety of different moods. From weekend casual to special-occasion elegant, tile is the medium for long-lasting good looks. Whatever a homeowner’s idea of beauty is, natural stone pavers can recreate it.

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Travertine Installation

Natural stone pavers have been used in streets and flooring for centuries. Even the most modern designers, however, want to express a sense of continuity and respect for architectural tradition in their buildings and landscapes. Travertine, marble, limestone and lava stone (or basalt) pavers help them do this. These strong materials are versatile enough to use as driveway pavers, countertops and dramatic water installations. It’s no wonder that ancient stone pavers have become today’s hottest home fashion trend.

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Travertine Fountains

The trend toward green building has made indoor and outdoor travertine flooring extremely popular these days. This versatile stone can be cut and finished in endless ways and used in fireplace and fountain installations, in addition to floors. It is rugged enough for heavy-traffic driveways and refined enough for pool and patio deck surfaces. When set by professionals, travertine pavers and tiles will last beautifully for decades on end.

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Columns Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What sizes do the columns come in? A: The columns, in Cream and Noce colors, come in three standard sizes and include a capital and base: 40″ tall and 6″ diameter; 47″ tall and 8″ diameter; 95″ tall and 10″ diameter. Any other size can be custom made per your specifications.

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Pavers Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is the Gothicstone Paver? A: Gothicstone Pavers are antiqued travertine, limestone, marble or Zebstone pavers and are used for outside walkways, driveways, patios and pool decks. The pavers are available in 25+ diverse natural colors and finishes. They are standard in the French pattern where there are 4 sizes that create the pattern: 8×8, 8×16, 16×16, 16×24; they are 3cm thick. Other standard size is 6×12 honed and chiseled. The Gothicstone Pavers are installed the same way as other dry-set pavers. They require no maintanence, no sealers, they conform to ASTM (American Standard for Testing Materials) testing for non-slip and freeze-thaw. They also stay cool underfoot(except lava). Perfect for the pool deck and outside patio areas. Dimensions: 4×4 to 48×48; custom sizes also available.

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Travertine Flooring

Indoors and out, travertine flooring is impressive. Rustically beautiful, no two tiles are alike, and when installed, no other floor will match it. Whether it is the base for an indoor solarium, a pool deck or outdoor entertainment center, a mosaic of natural stone tile will create a space unlike any other room in the house. Some of today’s most celebrated designers and landscape architects are choosing travertine for their creative projects.

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Travertine Columns

Designers want to make a splash when it comes to pool and landscape pavers. Increasingly, they are turning to natural stone for unique flooring and installations indoors and out. Homeowners who entertain or spend a lot of time under the sun and stars begin by using travertine, limestone, marble or lava stone pavers for patio and deck surfaces. A pair of travertine columns might frame a poolhouse. The use of matching stone in a fountain or other landscape feature creates a harmonious effect. Buyers can get decor or design ideas from an online importer.

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Travertine Pavers

While travertine pavers are currently in high demand in home and landscape architecture, they come with a history. Unlike synthetic or forged building materials, natural stone has been used throughout recorded history. The ancient Romans and Etruscans, renowned for their architectural advancements and remnants, chose travertine pavers most often.

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Marble, Travertine and Limestone Countertops

Marble is the stone that has defined awe-inspiring luxury for centuries. Its appeal is timeless, and marble, travertine and limestone counters are amongst the most popular architectural accents adorning beautiful homes around the world. In fact, as far as counter tops go, nothing suggests sophistication and richness in the way marble counters do. Whether you need a counter top for your bathroom, kitchen, outdoor dining or living area, there is an enormous variety of colors available in marble. The same goes for travertine and limestone. From beige, red and black, to shades of white, amber and pale gold, between these three varieties of stone, you can literally let your imagination run wild.

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Natural Stone Pavers

When planning a commercial project or home exterior living space, natural stone pavers add distinction and a sense of permanence. It is telling that the ancient Romans used limestone, travertine and marble in their architectural wonders, many of which still exist today. While they couldn’t have performed the geological assessments and comparisons that we can today, they intuitively prized these natural materials for their strength, beauty and longevity.

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