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Marble Countertops

When it comes to luxury, marble pavers turn ordinary kitchens, baths or swimming pool areas into something ethereal. While this distinctive stone may seem rare and precious, it is actually quite plentiful and practical as a building material. Few types of flooring last longer, and few types of paver can match it for its colorful beauty. Contrasting veins embrace deep blue-grays, dusty roses and austere creams. When these random color patterns repeat in tiled floors, accents or installations, the effect is striking, especially over large paved spaces.

Kitchen design has become a major element of overall home construction. The idea that the kitchen should be as pleasing for the chef as his creations are for diners is here to stay. Marble countertops, travertine fireplaces and lava stone flooring are growing in popularity. Bakers have been using marble as a work surface for centuries, both for its nonstick and artistic qualities. Homeowners today are willing to spare no expense in using top-of-the-line materials to achieve a space where form reigns equally with function.

Outdoor Homes for Marble Pavers

Marble isn’t just for interiors anymore. It has tested safe for all climates and will not chip or crack due to freezing air or water contact. As such, the driver who has it all can look forward to parking her cars on a marble-paved driveway or garage floor!

This elegant stone gives pool installations and decks a greater sense of permanence and aesthetics than the concrete and resin that usually accompany swim areas. A wide selection of beautiful natural stone pavers, tiles, countertops and other veneers is available from the Gothicstone Collection.


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