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Marble Pavers

While some stone materials may be trendier, marble floor tiles are the unquestionable height of elegance. The smooth, dense stone with a surface that reflects light draws and pleases the eye. While this ancient stone was prized and used abundantly by early Greeks and Romans, today its popularity is even greater. Modern quarrying and finishing techniques make marble available for more applications than ever before. These include floors, sinks, countertops and custom accents.

Marble Floor Tiles and Deck Pavers

The colors inherent in natural stone are warm and inviting, making it particularly well suited to home construction and decoration. In a brushed finish, as opposed to polished, it takes on a softness that mitigates sharp architectural angles and planes. Perhaps this is why it has such a long history of use in building design. Marble’s dramatic dark blues and reds compete with travertine’s delicious sunset and earth tones. Limestone and lava stone tiles provide choices in mostly solid neutrals. Floors to match nearly any shade are possible.

Any of these colors of tile can be used indoors and out, as they are heat and cold safe, and can withstand foot and vehicle traffic. Marble or travertine slabs are as appropriate for driveways as they are for countertops! Their durability and brushed finish make these stone pavers ideal for pool deck flooring.

Natural stone tiles can be purchased for any size of building or landscaping job through an online stone importer such as Gothicstone. This supplier has been involved in acclaimed home remodeling projects around the world. Gothicstone’s expert staff architects are standing by to discuss buyers’ custom needs.


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