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Marble Slabs for Tiling and Flooring

Ever since the time of the ancient Greeks, marble flooring has had an untarnished association with luxury, being an awe-inspiring symbol of sophistication and affluence. It is the common factor between the most beautiful palaces of old and the most luxurious homes of today. Yet, at Gothicstone we strive to bring that quality which has captured the imagination of the finest architects to a wider audience by making the best marble more cost effective than ever.

Marble slabs bring the most striking range of colors to flooring tiles with every shade available from beige, red, black and whites to amber and pale gold. We also offer alternatives in the final look. All our marble slab tiles are not always bright and striking. With our treatment and finishing we can also tone the look down if you would prefer your marble flooring to blend into the background and achieve more of a ‘limestone feel.’

We have a range of sizes available in our marble flooring tiles as we believe in offering customized solutions once we understand the requirements of your space and your choices. In order to give you an indication of what we offer, we have provided a catalog with clear images.

If you require more details on our marble slab tiles for flooring, please get in touch with us. We will do the best possible to create the marble flooring of your dreams within your budget.


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