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Marble Tile Installation

Designers and builders looking for a unique edge can now choose to install marble pavers for a wide variety of architectural applications. This traditional building material is finding myriad new uses in today’s homes and offices. Natural stone tiles are finished to a softer look and feel than super-polished stone, requiring less care. The exotic pattern of deep color broken by contrasting veining is spectacular as flooring, fountain or pool material.

Marble pavers lend an elegant touch to balcony and patio floors. Their range of colors creates dramatic focal points or understated backdrops. Deep blue-gray or brick-red, faded rose or a natural parchment tone set the stage for upscale living or entertaining. Pavers, slabs or veneers can be used to create stunning fireplace facing or kitchen countertops that bakers will love. Besides looking stylish and neat, these elements will also be one-of-a-kind accents that make a home truly distinctive.

Get Professional Installation of Marble Pavers

Samples of the different cuts and colors of marble pavers are available for interested buyers to purchase. An online supplier of marble and other natural stone may be able to refer builders to skilled stone workers in their areas. The supplier’s support staff can recommend grouts, sealants and the best techniques, as well as give order advice. A good supplier is motivated to make it easy to buy and install natural stone pavers in interior and landscape jobs large and small.

One such importer with an online presence is Gothicstone. It offers marble, travertine, limestone and lava stone tiles and veneers. Its expert staff prepares custom orders for countertops, stair treads, balustrades and pool coping.


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