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Natural Stone Flooring

Designers and homeowners choose natural stone flooring for the kind of beauty that can’t be manufactured. Even the names travertine, limestone and marble have a lovely, exotic quality to them. They aptly describe these unique “building blocks” that reflect and merge with the surrounding landscape. Architects use them wherever an organic look is desired. They are stunning, for instance, in fountain installations, fireplaces and retaining walls.

Uses for Natural Stone Flooring

Natural stone can be used for walkways, pool decks and garden paths. It is strong enough to serve in driveways and high-traffic courtyard floorings. It is gorgeous enough to leave a veneered interior wall unadorned. Color, texture and an indescribable presence all draw designers to accents and flooring of travertine pavers or tiles. Marble, limestone and basalt are other choices for any aesthetic or functional home touches, such as sinks, countertops and bathroom areas.

For practical reasons, tumbled or honed stone makes an excellent surface around swimming pools. Unpolished travertine, marble and limestone are naturally non-slip and cool beneath the feet. Outdoors, they won’t freeze or crack in the coldest of temperatures. Under normal use, they may last as long as 50 years.

For visual interest, there’s nothing like natural stone. Virtually any color scheme can find a compatible blend among travertine, marble, limestone or basalt tiles or pavers. Flooring incorporates a French pattern over several related slabs, which gives it added dimension and variety. While pavers are graded for their primary or core colors, no two are ever alike–a hallmark of the finest works of art. A wide selection of imports can be found at the Gothicstone Collection.


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