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Natural Stone Pavers

When planning a commercial project or home exterior living space, natural stone pavers add distinction and a sense of permanence. It is telling that the ancient Romans used limestone, travertine and marble in their architectural wonders, many of which still exist today. While they couldn’t have performed the geological assessments and comparisons that we can today, they intuitively prized these natural materials for their strength, beauty and longevity.

After decades of synthetic innovation, homeowners and builders are returning to stone pavers and tiles that have stood the test of history. Travertine, twice as strong as concrete, can take any amount of foot and car traffic, and still look fantastic without any maintenance. Limestone, basalt and marble are slightly less tough but come with different aesthetic traits. As basic pavers, they can all be tumbled smooth for a sleek look, or chiseled and honed for a more rustic appearance.

Natural Stone Pavers for Pool Decks, Walks and Driveways

Outdoors, nothing appears more inviting than natural stone. An organic addition to any patio, yard, pool or entertainment deck, tumbled travertine or limestone feels smooth and cool to the touch, even in persistent hot sun. Visually, a French pattern takes shape over a small area and repeats, resulting in “wall-less” boundaries for various conversation or activity zones. A meandering path will hold together and a sprawling deck will appear more orderly with this overall optical effect.

The Gothicstone Collection offers an incredible variety of imported natural stone pavers, tiles, columns, veneers and other architectural construction materials and accents online.


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