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Natural Stone Slabs

The other choices in outdoor flooring literally pale beside natural stone slabs. Cement is none too beautiful. Brick and manufactured tile are too uniform and breakable. On the other hand, all the color choices in nature are reflected in tough slab pavers. Homeowners, designers and contractors can find an endless selection of slabs, tiles and architectural accents from an online importer.

A unifying color and texture theme can be used throughout yard, pool and entertaining home areas with one or two shades of limestone, marble or travertine. Basalt adds a nice neutral, yet warm, background for brighter-colored paints or stains. Getting the right natural stone to complement both building and landscape aesthetics is easy using samples purchased from the supplier.

Low-Maintenance Natural Stone Slab Pavers

Green builders love natural stone, which doesn’t require sealant in many cases, depending upon how it is installed. Unlike some synthetics that are made to crumble in a few years, slabs of marble and limestone can remain in pristine condition for half a century. Ancient Greek and Roman statues and buildings are testimony to the longevity of these materials.

Travertine has been tested to repeatedly withstand heat and cold outdoors without cracking or breaking. It is twice as strong as cement and may be used in driveways and heavy-traffic footpaths. Maintenance is limited to surface sweeping or washing, to let the natural colors and patina of the stone shine through. Buyers can find a reliable source with a wide selection online. Architects are standing by to discuss the details of individual home and landscape projects at Gothicstone.


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