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Natural Stone Tile

Architectural styles have become more customized, and natural stone tile can lend a distinctive look to any new home or office building. Conformity used to be the trend, with cookie-cutter facades or landscapes. Now, designers are realizing that manmade constructions can be set apart from their peers by using accents derived from nature. Even if everyone were adding travertine flooring or columns to their projects, each entity would still be unique.

One-of-a-Kind Natural Stone Tiles

That’s one of the reasons why builders who want to use the best choose natural stone. Marble is known for its lovely veining. Tumbled limestone takes on soft, muted tones. Travertine, with its inherent pockmarks, exudes a sense of age, texture and dimension. All of these rich attributes add far more than paint, cement or powder coating can achieve. The effect of mosaic tiling is both singular and stunning.

Natural stone flooring incorporates a principal color, such as blue-gray or rose, with subtle shades blended in. A range of dusky earth tones give designers limitless options for matching with bolder or brighter tones of house paint, and they look fantastic with wood deck materials. Pavers are available as large as 48 by 48 inches and as small as 2 by 8 inches. Open areas look more spacious and gracious with larger tiling, and tiny “stick” pavers can add charm to cozy garden nooks.

Pool areas can be personalized with coping, fountains or focal-point installations of travertine, marble, limestone or basalt, which can easily adapt to any shape of pool. The Gothicstone Collection brings natural stone tile flooring, pool coping and pavers to buyers through its online store.


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