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Pool Pavers

More and more homeowners are requesting specialty stone pool pavers in their outdoor building or remodeling plans. The visual interest is contagious, and once they see a neighbor’s travertine or limestone-accented swim area, they want pavers too. It may be that every viewer sees the colors and patterns in natural stone a little differently. This unique take makes stone tile an intimate choice of building material. Even though marble or travertine is cool and hard to the touch when unpolished, it is warm and soft to the eye.

A full-service importer offers a variety of materials for many different architectural applications. Its online showroom may include:
•Interior marble tile for countertops or flooring
•Outdoor patio pavers in a wide variety of colors
•Oversized travertine slabs for driveways
•Travertine or limestone pool coping or pavers
•Stone veneer, columns, balustrades and wall systems

Trendy Travertine Pool Pavers Are Low Maintenance

The hottest trend in natural stone tiles is also the coolest. Physically, travertine lacks any metal minerals that conduct heat, so it won’t burn swimmers’ or sunbathers’ feet at poolside, as cement can. When wet, the surface pits in unfilled travertine are naturally slip-resistant, and certain finishes can provide more or less traction. Tumbled limestone and marble have similar properties.

Prolonged, direct sunlight won’t affect the look or performance of natural stone pavers as it will wood or resins. Marble and travertine are especially cold resistant, and won’t freeze or crack in at the lowest outdoor temperatures. These pavers will likely outlive the pool that they surround.

Homeowners who entertain and use their pools frequently appreciate low-maintenance materials. Swimming pools already require plenty of care. Having a tumbled stone deck that only needs hosing means more time in the water. This is one trend that doesn’t sacrifice function for beauty, or vice versa. The Gothicstone Collection includes quality natural pavers in over 25 colors and a variety of sizes to suit any building or remodeling plan.


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