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Stone Panels

Natural stone panels provide an excellent architectural tool for interior as well as exterior walls. Natural stone has always been a much-loved building material because of its strength, durability, great look and low maintenance cost. However, constructing a stone building is certainly not cost-effective. This is where the value of stone panels or natural stone veneer comes in. It provides the functionality, advantages and look of stone, and at the same time is cost-effective and easy to install.

At Gothicstone we stock only natural stone panels and we work with travertine, granite, marble, sandstone, limestone, lava stone and slate. Our specialty, of course, is travertine, and apart from the usual variety from Italy, we also stock stone panels in Peruvian travertine. Before you go for that faux stone panel, remember that they are likely to fade and get chipped over time whereas panels in natural stone will look great for generations to come!

We believe in offering you the maximum choice which is why we have a wide range of materials, finishes and colors in stone veneer. Once you express an interest in our natural stone panels, we would work with you to provide a unique, customized look that fits beautifully with your home.

If you are interested in that chic stone look for your home or work space, please get in touch with us for more details on what we can offer. We hope to get the opportunity to install elegant stone veneer that you will admire for years to come!


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