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Travertine Flooring

Indoors and out, travertine flooring is impressive. Rustically beautiful, no two tiles are alike, and when installed, no other floor will match it. Whether it is the base for an indoor solarium, a pool deck or outdoor entertainment center, a mosaic of natural stone tile will create a space unlike any other room in the house. Some of today’s most celebrated designers and landscape architects are choosing travertine for their creative projects.

The attributes of natural stone allow it to be part of a popular trend and utterly unique at the same time. Floors, fireplaces and wall veneers of marble or limestone tiles offer texture and contrast to carpeting, shelving and painted walls. Mixing or matching colors and types of stones offers more ways to personalize with this material. The tonal shading, veining and pockmarking of travertine and marble create continual visual interest.

Travertine Flooring, Unusual and Conventional

There may be no older building material than stone. Thus, travertine, marble, limestone and lava stone are conventional and practical choices for flooring and installations. Amid today’s synthetics and products of refined wood technology, however, stone stands out. The individual coloration of travertine and striation of marble surprises the viewer, demanding notice. Designers use this stone to full effect, in expansive patio flooring and dramatic fountains or custom installations.

Designers and contractors can work with an importer of fine natural stone that also cuts and finishes it to order. Its staff architects will be able to guide orders for pavers by the square foot or for special fountain or retaining wall needs. Gothicstone offers select natural stone materials online.


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