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Travertine Fountains

The trend toward green building has made indoor and outdoor travertine flooring extremely popular these days. This versatile stone can be cut and finished in endless ways and used in fireplace and fountain installations, in addition to floors. It is rugged enough for heavy-traffic driveways and refined enough for pool and patio deck surfaces. When set by professionals, travertine pavers and tiles will last beautifully for decades on end.

The Rise of Fashionable Travertine Flooring

Indoors, travertine is greener than carpeting or flooring that incorporates glues or emits gases. Outdoors, its longevity makes it a good replacement for impermanent wood or resin deck materials, saving trees and keeping plastics out of landfills. Other benefits of natural stone materials include:

• Travertine and marble flooring won’t freeze, crack or chip in extreme temperature changes or below zero Fahrenheit.
• When tumbled rather than polished, stone pavers are naturally non-slip, making them ideal for pool coping and decks.
• Colors are warm and subtle, with contrasting veining and surface marks for interest and texture.
• Limestone and lava stone offer neutral color options.

When dry set, natural stone flooring needs no sealant, and porous stone may be left unfilled. Finishing techniques such as tumbling, chiseling and brushing add no toxic chemicals. Travertine, marble, limestone and lava stone can be shaped as veneers for sinks, countertops, fountains and other functional accents. These popular materials can be found through an online importer and cutter of quality stone. They are sold by the pallet or custom ordered to suit specific construction needs. The Gothicstone Collection contains myriad stone shapes and color combinations to serve hundreds of architectural building and remodeling purposes.


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