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Travertine Pavers

While travertine pavers are currently in high demand in home and landscape architecture, they come with a history. Unlike synthetic or forged building materials, natural stone has been used throughout recorded history. The ancient Romans and Etruscans, renowned for their architectural advancements and remnants, chose travertine pavers most often.

Abundant deposits of this stone, which is lighter than marble, were accessible and could be quarried and cut using the techniques of the age. Its natural beauty became an integral element of the manmade landscape. This attraction persists today. Homeowners and designers are demanding outdoor pavers and indoor tile floors to complement a wide variety of decors

The Timeless Look of Travertine Pavers

Stone is a weighty creation of the earth, formed in a process that takes place over millennia. This attribute comes through in natural pavers, making them impressive building materials that can capitalize on an architectural feature or setting. Versatile travertine pavers can be used to fashion water features destined to become dramatic focal points, or as understated flooring for a patio or courtyard. Matching columns or balustrades are available to provide refined accents.

These historic architectural elements lend a sense of permanence and nostalgia to homes designed in a variety of different styles. Travertine is appropriate in urban or rural settings, as its mottled colors and uneven surface tend to reflect their surroundings. Homeowners and architects can use this stone in installations, such as fireplaces or fountains, or select natural veneers for sinks and countertops. The Gothicstone Collection contains natural travertine columns, floor tiles and custom-cut pieces.


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