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Travertine Slabs

Beauty certainly is in the eye of the beholder of travertine floors. These handsome stone pavers, along with marble, limestone and basalt alternatives, can set a variety of different moods. From weekend casual to special-occasion elegant, tile is the medium for long-lasting good looks. Whatever a homeowner’s idea of beauty is, natural stone pavers can recreate it.

Attractive and Functional Travertine Floors

Designers and homeowners who want to impress choose natural stone accents indoors and out. Integrating stone flooring, retaining walls and garden installations can make a sweeping statement. Matching travertine columns and railings provides harmonious contrast in a landscape or conversation area. A range of colors runs through marble and limestone pavers as well, to complement any decor.

Cuts and finishes can change the effect of stone floors. Polish adds an austere elegance. Tumbling renders a softer, more uniform aspect. Chiseling and brushing already rustic travertine gives it an Old-World charm that is appropriate in many settings. Larger tile slabs make interior rooms appear more spacious, and tiny pavers can be added for interest or intimacy. Indoors, stone flooring looks clean and charming. Outdoors, it becomes an organic part of the landscape.

This makes travertine, marble or limestone pavers natural materials for pool areas, patios, courtyards and garden paths. Driveway slabs are neat and stylish, and strong enough to withstand heavy foot and vehicle traffic. Outdoor travertine fireplaces, fountains and waterfalls look natural and stunning. Contractors can locate a source for beautiful stone building materials at an online importer such as Gothicstone. Staff architects will help fulfill orders for simple floor layouts or custom installations.


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