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Travertine Tile Flooring

You may struggle to think of any one thing in a house that has the power to impress like the sophisticated look of top quality travertine tile flooring. In fact, since it does not have as wide a market as some of the other stones, travertine is truly a symbol of luxury.

At Gothicstone, our endeavor has always been to bring you the best available quality of travertine tile flooring, while maximizing the choices you have at your disposal. We not only have the popular Italian travertine in a range of exciting colors, but also the lesser known and more exotic Peruvian and Mexican varieties of Travertine. Apart from the various colors, our line of travertine tiles for flooring also consists of a variety of designs and styles. For those who want the chic and sophisticated aura of travertine without its brightness, we also have designs that sport a toned-down look. This kind of look is achieved through a special treatment and finishing process that we apply.

Keeping in mind differing space requirements and tastes, we also have different sizes in our range of travertine tiles for flooring. The details of size, as well as the look and color are very clearly provided for each product in our catalog. The product details are also accompanied by clear images. Please browse through our catalog and get in touch with us for any additional information. We truly hope we get the opportunity to supply you chic travertine tiles, for your flooring needs.


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