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Tumbled Travertine Tile

Designers can showcase indoor and outdoor architectural features with tumbled travertine tile. Tumbling is the gentler method of finishing stone, which is preferred for travertine, marble and limestone these days. As opposed to the hard, cold appearance that comes with polishing, tumbling produces a soft, warm and smooth facade. When used in a repetitive flooring design, the effect is stunning, recalling bygone eras in a thoroughly modern application.

Natural stone also lends itself to accent pieces and water-feature construction. Solid travertine columns are stately and effective complements to other stone use in landscaping, patios and swimming pools. Interested buyers can order tile samples that they can use to create color palettes or visual schemes during the design process.

The Growing Popularity of Tumbled Travertine Tile

Architects and contractors can work with a stone importer on custom plans for one-of-a-kind fireplaces, fountains, waterfalls, pools and other installations. Every specialty stone accessory can be ordered, including:

• Tumbled limestone pavers
• Travertine stair treads, wall caps and pool coping
• Marble floor tile in a variety of elegant colors
• Solid-stone columns and balustrades
• Tiles for outdoor kitchens, walls or fountains

Natural stone is becoming the standard in accent building material. Its use blurs the lines between structural and landscape architecture, bringing the outdoors inside, and vice versa. Interior touches might include sinks, countertops, baths and stairways. As flooring, it is unobtrusive yet attractive, setting the tone for any type of room or outdoor entertainment area. It can even be used to pave driveways. Pavers and slabs of many different kinds and colors of natural stone are available from the Gothicstone Collection online.


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