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Marble Slabs for Tiling and Flooring

Ever since the time of the ancient Greeks, marble flooring has had an untarnished association with luxury, being an awe-inspiring symbol of sophistication and affluence. It is the common factor between the most beautiful palaces of old and the most luxurious homes of today. Yet, at Gothicstone we strive to bring that quality which has captured the imagination of the finest architects to a wider audience by making the best marble more cost effective than ever.

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Limestone Travertine

With their soft, earthy hues, both limestone and travertine give a warm, welcoming feel to a home, and suggest harmony and attachment with nature. At the same time, their smooth texture and consistency of shade also convey a sense of style and sophistication. This is likely the reason why these two stones have been so popular for so long.

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Limestone Patio Flooring

If you want a rustic and elegant hue and feel from your patio flooring, so that instead of distracting from the greenery and architecture around it, it blends in… then limestone is a great choice! In fact, for elegant homes that have some history about them and appear proud in their timelessness, limestone flooring for the patio might just be the best bet.

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Limestone Flooring

Limestone flooring has to be deemed a classic, as it has been a favorite around many parts of the world for centuries. It was just as well admired by our distant ancestors as it is by our generation today. In fact, the timeless charm of limestone flooring lends itself perfectly for the tranquil room in your home where you want to create a rustic, old world feel. Its range of dull yet elegant hues that rest easily on the eye, and its softness under the foot also offer a perfect alternative for those who get put off by the brightness of marble.

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Limestone Floor Tiles

Limestone floor tiles and other natural stone building accents are available to homeowners, designers and contractors through an importer’s online store. For those who have heard about the attributes of natural stone or have noticed a friend’s beautifully tiled pool area, seeing truly is believing. An online showroom can open up a new world of remodeling ideas with beautiful and rugged materials that can last for decades.

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Limestone Pavers

Favored by the ancients, limestone tiles are still beautifying homes and landscapes today. Modern quarrying and finishing techniques render these natural stone pavers suitable for heavy traffic yet comfortable on bare feet. Limestone, marble, travertine and lava stone pavers are being used to floor swimming pool decks to spectacular effect. Designers enjoy a contrast between static stone and moving water, and rough versus smooth textures, that they could achieve in no other way.

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Landscape Pavers

As globalized life gets more and more transitory, designers are using natural stone landscape pavers to lend a sense of permanence to indoor and outdoor spaces. Limestone, travertine, marble and lava stone are becoming the building and accent pavers of choice among homeowners and architects. Even if it weren’t all the rage, natural stone would do its job day in and day out. Good looks and practical function prove that investing in superior materials does pay off.

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Marble Tile Installation

Designers and builders looking for a unique edge can now choose to install marble pavers for a wide variety of architectural applications. This traditional building material is finding myriad new uses in today’s homes and offices. Natural stone tiles are finished to a softer look and feel than super-polished stone, requiring less care. The exotic pattern of deep color broken by contrasting veining is spectacular as flooring, fountain or pool material.

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Marble Floor Tiles

When a remodeling client wants marble flooring, a helpful and reliable source can be found online. Every aspect of the job can be scoped out and budgeted for time and money with the help of an online importer. Experts who know natural stone and see it from quarry to building project have everything that designers and builders need to see their visions become reality. Whether their plans incorporate interior flooring, staircases, patios or pools, they can get started with samples, product info and application suggestions online.

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Marble Countertops

When it comes to luxury, marble pavers turn ordinary kitchens, baths or swimming pool areas into something ethereal. While this distinctive stone may seem rare and precious, it is actually quite plentiful and practical as a building material. Few types of flooring last longer, and few types of paver can match it for its colorful beauty. Contrasting veins embrace deep blue-grays, dusty roses and austere creams. When these random color patterns repeat in tiled floors, accents or installations, the effect is striking, especially over large paved spaces.

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