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Kitchen and Bath

imported stone tile for interior
stone tile for kitchen and bath
stone tile for kitchens
natural stone tile for bathrooms

We Always Find the Best Solutions for Your Project

Long before we started producing exterior paver, coping and tread products, we imported stone tile for interior, both residential and commercial (and exterior projects, set on slab) along with countertop slabs. Travertine from Mexico, Peru, Turkey and Italy; Limestone from Portugal were our specialties for many years. After seeing the trend in outdoor concrete pavers, we partnered with a quarry and factory in Antalya, Turkey to start producing thicker tiles to “lay in the dirt!” One-stop shopping is the ultimate solution and there is no substitute for streamlining your sourcing by having the various ‘pieces to the puzzle’ all produced together.

Our Complementary Products

Floor Tile

We believe that floor tile, that is large format, can make a smaller room look bigger because there are less grout lines to produce a “grid effect”. We think you should go either large format, 8”x32” plank style, 16”x32”, 18”x18”, 24”x24” tile or smaller format ie: 6×12 or 2”x8” for most rooms to add interest and not “date” your installation.

Wall Tile

Bathroom walls and shower/tub wall tile can offer an attractive, easy-to-clean and durable finish where your bathroom can look brand new for years to come.


Backsplashes are probably one of the most difficult areas to decorate and should be one of the last items to consider in any kitchen design and installation.

Countertop Slabs

Kitchen countertops or bathroom vanities are part of any project, whether they be interior or exterior (pool house bathroom) so, consider them in the overall scheme of your design. Again, the various finishes can be utilized to maintain a homogeneous blend of natural stone or something entirely different. Keep in mind, for outdoor kitchens, granite countertops get extremely hot in the sun so be careful and consider travertine, limestone or marble as best considerations.

A Few Reasons Why You Should Choose Us

  • End-to-End Turnkey Solutions

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