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Pool Copings and Step Treads

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We Always Find the Best Product Solutions for Your Project

Pool copings and step treads are an accent feature on any pool project. The greatest qualities of travertine and limestone are that they always remain cool underfoot.  While travertine and limestone feel smooth to the touch, it is a non-slip surface, a crucial need around a swimming pool. Natural stone does not wear easily and that ‘new’ look of your pool coping is preserved for years!

Concerning free-form pools, we produce larger radius copings, just send us the drawings or templates. For rectangular or for a contemporary look, long-length single-piece copings look great and are more fashion forward! 

Our pool copings and step treads are flat faced (squared edge) and the regular thicknesses that we offer include four sizes – 3 cm (1 1/4“ thick), 5 cm (2” thick), 6cm (2.4”), and 7cm (2.8”). The dimensions for pool copings or step treads range from 6×12 to 24 x 72 (or higher) and we produce according to the project requirements so, just about any size is possible and standard in our productions.  

Our Complementary Products

Pool Copings

True to our fashion forward philosophy, we have introduced a new thicker coping, 6cm (2.4”) and 7cm (2.8”) as standard production. With a flat face, it looks “beefier” in the pool and gives a contemporary  look.

Step Treads

Step treads can provide beauty, interest and functionality to the pool or patio with the several non-slip surface finishes such as bush hammer, Etruscan, and Suregrip Moleskin.

Block Steps

If your project calls for these beautiful blocks of stone for your landscape steps, various sizes, surface and face finishes will provide enhanced functionality and textural design for your project.

Wall & Pier Caps

Wall and Pier caps are the finishing touch to an entrance wall or pilaster or to a pool deck that has beautiful pier caps that hold decorative planters or lighting.

Slotted Drainage Pavers

A beautiful architectural accent to match the existing pool deck pavers and pool coping to handle the water overflow from the pool

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