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Sourcing the Stone

This is where your project is born. When selecting natural stone materials, we collaborate closely with our clients from cradle to grave. Once you choose the raw materials we move to the decisions of sizing, formats, and finishes.

Limestone Facade Natural stone materials


Limestone is the youngest of all these natural stones, a sedimentary stone usually found in ocean beds. Typically, limestone is homogeneous in color and most of the buildings around the world (ie: The Parthenon, Empire State Building, Lincoln Memorial, Pyramids, The Great Sphinx) have been built with sedimentary limestone. It is the most common building material in the world. It is a great choice for a more contemporary or modern design. It has 5000+ compressive strength and is great for all applications, including driveways.

Travertine Pool Natural stone materials


Travertine is a type of “morphed” limestone, but it is created from Artesian wells which means lime has been deposited by water, which is why Travertine has such a varied movement in the stone. It is about 50 million years old. Travertine makes an excellent natural stone material choice for any indoor or outdoor area because it never gets hot (no metal content in the stone), it is twice the strength of concrete and is non-slippery. Travertine (and limestone) are durable for any application both commercially and residential.

Marble pool side Natural stone materials


Marble, on the other hand, is about 100 million years old and is perfect for the same applications as travertine and limestone. Since marble is an older natural stone material, it typically will be “veinier” and less “wild” than the travertines. Like all the stones, marble is used for interior flooring, wall veneer, pool decks, patios, driveways and wall cladding in both commercial and residential applications.

Materials 03
Terrazzo Pavers


Terrazzo pavers for your project specifications are now available from Gothicstone. This is NOT “poured in place” Terrazzo…. which is quite common, on elementary and high school floors back in the day and big in institutional construction implementation.  Terrazzo materials are available for commercial, institutional, and residential projects. In addition, these pavers can be produced with CUSTOM DECOS and LOGOS available by customer specifications.

Materials 04

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