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Driveway Pavers

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Simple Curb Appeal That is Priceless!

Though we often think of concrete driveway systems, natural stone driveway pavers have been around just as long and longer! Natural stone driveway pavers provide the necessary flexural strength and an artistic element so driveway pavers can be a unique and functional feature, enhancing the overall property, rather than presenting simply as a flat beige or black surface, best to be ignored.

These days, a shift to large-format natural stone pavers for both residential and commercial driveway systems is gaining popularity and replacing that concrete surface. Natural stone driveway pavers in all formats–large and traditional (small 4”x4”, 6”x6” cubes) — with their aesthetic and structural benefits make them a strong alternative to concrete pavers.

Complementary Driveway Paver Products


For centuries, the typical materials used for driveway pavers have been stone blocks and cubes. Cube size 4”x4”x4”, provided the necessary strength and were used to create assorted designs and patterns for driveways. Today, more types of stone can create a functional, stand-out element for your business or residence.

Large Pavers

Having the appropriate strength materials to work with allows for the use of larger format pavers. This can be a desirable aesthetic for clients who want a modern look as opposed to the classic cobblestone aesthetic.

Geo Cellular Confinement Systems

Using a Geo Cellular Confinement System (GCCS) is smart. It stops the propensity of the gravel underneath the installation from spreading which keeps the total installation intact.

Installation Considerations

The primary consideration is the implementation of a proper sub-base. Without a proper sub-base underneath the pavers, failure is all but guaranteed, it’s just a matter of time. It’s not about the stone, when we’re discussing the strength and longevity of the project, it’s the sub-base. Geo cellular confinement systems is highly recommended for both wet-set and dry-set installations.


3 cm paver is rated at approximately 5000 PSI, they are sufficient for normal vehicle traffic. You can order thicker pavers for heavier traffic on your driveway.  Our standard productions are 2cm, 3cm, 4c, 5cm 6cm and 7cm. Block steps and blocks are available for architectural considerations.

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