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Buceto Limestone Pool Deck Pavers
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travertine patio paver
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Silver Travertine Pool Deck Pavers

We Always Find the Best Stone Pavers: Travertine, Limestone, or Marble for Your Project

Gothicstone natural stone pavers and hardscape productions range from cobblestone to extra-large sizes.  Cobblestone size examples are 4”x4”, 3″x6″or butter stick 2”x8” and extra-large pavers and tile sizes are 24″x24″, 18”x36”, and up to 48″x48″.  Other custom sizes (rectangular or square) are standard and available. You can design your dream look for any outdoor room or interior living space with flexibility in our production capabilities.

For wet-set stone pavers or tile or dry-set in sand and gravel stone pavers, a variety of thicknesses is available from ¾”, 1 ¼”, 2”, 2.4” and 2.8” for the wide variety of applications our natural stone will support. To complement the wide variety of needs when planning your living spaces, we produce step treads, countertops, wall caps, wall systems plus driveway cobblestones and driveway paver systems along with a multitude of other accessories and options.

With a variety of different (and new) surface texture finishes, you can create diversity ranging from an old-world to a modern/contemporary look.  The ability to process many varied finishes from the same block of stone can give a textural and tactile experience that can further enhance the design of your project without having to introduce assorted colors to provide the often-desired accent features which are frequently incorporated to produce a more customized look. 

Our Complementary Products

Pool Deck Pavers

The hottest trend in natural stone pavers is also the coolest. Physically, travertine and limestone lack any noticeable metal minerals that conduct heat, so they won’t burn swimmers’ or sunbathers’ feet at poolside, as cement, other natural stones and porcelain can.

Patio Pavers

Experts say that fashion always repeats itself, and the use of natural stone in architecture is no exception. With our extra-large format stone, a smaller patio can appear larger due to less grout lines/grid effect. Our travertine, limestone or marble colors can be finished to match the exact look you have imagined for your outdoor entertainment or sanctuary space

Outdoor kitchens

Year-round outdoor entertainment has become the norm in new home and renovation construction so why not consider a space on your patio for an outdoor kitchen? Along with the pavers, coping and step treads, we can easily produce the countertops and backsplash for your kitchen design. Textured surface finishes, such as mini-split face, can be used for the backsplash and matte, honed finish for the countertops.

Wall Systems

Patios and pool decks typically have exterior walls such as retaining walls, privacy walls, and security & privacy walls for pool decks, patios and around the house. We’ll take a look at the veneer & cladding and the wall & pier caps available from Gothicstone.

Driveway Pavers

Natural stone provides the necessary flexural strength and an artistic element so driveway systems can be a unique and functional feature, enhancing the overall property, rather than presenting simply as a flat beige or black surface, best to be ignored.

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