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Natural stone veneer or cladding provide an excellent architectural tool for interior as well as exterior walls. Natural stone has always been a much-loved building material because of its strength, durability, great look and minimal maintenance cost. However, constructing a stone building is certainly not cost-effective. This is where the value of natural stone cladding or veneer comes in. It provides the functionality, advantages and look of stone, and at the same time is cost-effective and easy to install.

Before you go for that faux stone panel, remember that they are likely to fade and get chipped over time whereas veneer in natural stone will look great for generations to come! With a textural change in the stone for veneer and/or cladding, such as split face, hand-chisel, or bush hammer, you can add the distinction of an accent look without changing the color of the stone used in the project. When building a wall out of solid block stone, the face finish options are hand chisel and split face. Veneers and cladding product sizes range from 6” x free length and up to 20” x 40” (with bush hammer on back for stickier installation).

Product Finishes

Split Face

Split face adds a dimensional aesthetic for a feature wall with a rustic look. Typical applications may be indoor or outdoor accent walls, retaining walls, fireplaces, outdoor kitchens, firepits, and of course building facades.

Bush Hammer

A texturally appealing aesthetic but also provides an extreme anti-slip surface where that may be desirable. Recommended applications may be sidewalks, step treads, pool decks and coping, steppingstones, and for a purely aesthetic value such as building facades and wall systems.

Hand Chiseled

For that old-world castle look, these chiseled face pieces are crafted by hand for the most rustic appearance. These extra-large pieces are typically utilized for covering large spaces.

Classic Siding Style

A similar configuration to vinyl siding with the much more pleasing look and durability of natural stone. The visual effect is a clean line/linear aesthetic with standard sizes within the context of home siding.

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