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Why we recommend stabilization grids no matter the scale of your paver project.

Cell-Tek Stabilization Grids Yes, even for the backyard pool deck or patio. The need for stabilization grids is something that is largely unrecognized throughout the construction industry which sort of boggles the mind.  I would say that the large-scale industrial masonry world is understood because they have heavy-duty architects working on road projects, etc. those that requires forethought, and longevity.  Unfortunately, on the mid-size to small scale projects ie:  parking lots to backyard patio or pool projects, it’s usually not a consideration for reasons that are not understood by me.  Stabilization is the crux of the biscuit when it comes down to longevity of the project.  Anybody can lay down some stone or pavers on soil or grass or anything and they’ll stay there for a week, a month or a year, but if you want them to stay in place for 10, 20, 50 years, you need to have a stable substrate.  As with tile and exterior pavers, it’s all about the substrate.[...]

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Benefits of Limestone and Travertine decking material (#1)

Recently I took a call from a prospective pool decking customer that was wondering if maybe he bought the wrong material when he had just placed an order for slate from a competitor.

I felt terrible explaining how and why slate was such a weak choice. First of all, due to it’s high metal content, slate acts like a “heat sink” storing the heat radiating from the sun and making it very uncomfortable to walk barefoot on during hot summer days. Unlike slate, travertine and limestone are formed from calcium carbonate sediment and therefore have virtually no metal content. Sadly, most end-user customers think that the heat building up in the stone decks is due to the color of the stone. That’s not the case, it’s the composition of the stone. The lack of metal content actually makes travertine and limestone a thermal insulator rather than a thermal conductor, trapping the[...]

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Limestone: the better alternative to Bluestone

SEAHAZE SEA and SEAHAZE SAND limestone large format pavers in 2cm/3cm/4cm/5cm/6cm thickness for even the most industrial application.
Watch the video! 

Gothicstone is introducing our African Collection of Limestone, Travertine and Marble SLABS, PAVERS, COPING, TREADS, DRIVEWAY SYSTEM, PLUS….

Gothicstone was the 1st company in the US to market travertine pavers, from Turkey, nationwide.

In addition to our long-term strong partnerships in Turkey, dating back to the 1990’s, we’ve excited to announce our new portfolio of materials we are producing in Africa.

This is in response to the market demands and our customers’ requests for new and exciting materials, as we have been known in the industry, to embrace “cutting edge” materials, technologies and fashion forward aesthetics.   We are consultants, we are at the quarries, around the world, and embrace……….

Our specialties

We specialize in large format stone for a more sleek and modern look
Now we’re providing more cutting-edge offerings of limestone and marble.

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Suitability for the SeaHaze limestone in pool applications – Reason #3

Reason #3
The production tolerance comparisons to bluestones and slates: the SeaHaze Sea and Sand are honed and calibrated, in addition to the fact that they are produced on a marble production line, insuring their squareness and suitability for ease of installation. Unlike practically all bluestones and slates, the SeaHaze products are much faster and easier to install, thereby, reducing the overall budget of your client’s project.  Even “so-called” calibrated bluestone (and obviously slates) can’t fully benefit from the uniformity of the calibration process because of their innately irregular surface textures.
SEAHAZE SEA (grey selection 18″x36″ tile) – cut on same production line as 1 1/4″, 2″, 3″ thick pavers.

SEAHAZE SEA (blue selection pavers)

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Suitability for the SeaHaze limestone in pool applications – Reason #2

Reason #2
The heat issue re: exposure to direct sunlight in warm climates, for both SeaHaze Sea and Sand limestone stays relatively cool on pool decks, with the beige (SeaHaze Sand) excelling a bit better than the darker blue grey (SeaHaze Sea) version. In any case, there is no comparison to the “You could fry an egg on it” surface of bluestone, granites or slates, due to their unusually high naturally occurring metal content.

Seahaze Sand (beige) Limestone pavers with Cream Elite Travertine coping

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Suitability for the SeaHaze limestone in pool applications – Reason #1

Salt: our limestone materials have negligible quantity of naturally occurring metals/iron oxides that would cause corrosion and subsequent failure, around a salt water or chlorine pool environment.   Calcium Carbonate (limestone) is naturally inert, in regard to salt reactivity issues, in a pool deck environment.  In contrast to the typical Indiana Limestone, this material is denser (therefore stronger) and you will not have an issue in that regard.
SEAHAZE SEA (blue selection) 16×24 Pavers + Coping (we specialize in large format any size/any color)

SEAHAZE SAND Limestone Pavers

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Travertine or Limestone…..Perfect for Salt Water & Chlorine Pools & Driveways….Truth or Myth?

Truth! Travertine or Limestone, the intelligent choice for pools, driveways
Travertine and limestone are pure calcium carbonate materials – they both “lack any significant quantity of naturally occurring metals”, unlike most other natural stone materials which tend to have significant quantities of metal in the form of Silica or Iron Oxide (like granite, sandstone and quartzite).  Even concrete is very high in naturally occurring metal content (silica).   So, for the perfect exterior natural stone, both travertine or limestone are perfect for pools, patios, walkways, driveways, etc. because they DO NOT react to salt because they lack any significant quantity of naturally occurring metals.  And, an added benefit of travertine or limestone is that they DO NOT GET HOT even in direct sunlight!

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Concrete Pavers vs Natural Stone Pavers……You Decide!

10 Reasons why you may want to select Natural Stone Pavers.

#1 REAL natural stone is actually less expensive than faux-stone concrete look-alikes….and has a much better look and enduring life span.

#2 ASTM* Tested – twice the strength of concrete.

#3 Stays Cool Underfoot unlike man-made products or slate.

#4 Great for all exterior (pools, patios, driveways) and interior spaces (kitchens, bathrooms, counter tops, basements).   Copings, treads, wall caps all readily available in various thicknesses.

#5  ASTM* Tested – high co-efficient of friction for a non-slip surface.

#6 No Maintenance – no need to seal or coat (especially, if dry-set pavers).

#7  ASTM Tested for freeze/thaw compatibility in northern climates.

#8 Retains its natural beauty forever! (they are over 50 million years old).

#9 Does not scuff or degrade like patterned concrete or stamped asphalt surfaces (asphalt and concrete get very hot).

#10 Fashion forward look with timeless beauty.

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Outdoor Firepits

If you love the outdoors, you would probably want to find a way to enjoy your stone patio or garden even on a cold night. An outdoor fire pit can make this not only possible, but actually a truly romantic experience. So, whether you are entertaining or star-gazing, you will be able to feel the warmth of an open fire wafting out of your own backyard fire pit. If you already have an outdoor kitchen, an outdoor fire pit is the perfect complement to round out that barbecue or party under the open sky.

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Fashion Forward Pool Coping

Pool coping, countertop or tread edge profile idea………..

Gothicstone has designed a new coping edge profile that has a flat face with “quarter round” bullnose on the top corner and “eased edge” on the bottom. It’s 2″ thick, but LOOKS THICKER because the face is flat, an optical illusion that is very desirable.

Caramel Travertine Coping – custom

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