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Limestone: the better alternative to Bluestone

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SEAHAZE SEA and SEAHAZE SAND limestone large format pavers in 2cm/3cm/4cm/5cm/6cm thickness for even the most industrial application.

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Gothicstone is introducing our African Collection of Limestone, Travertine and Marble SLABS, PAVERS, COPING, TREADS, DRIVEWAY SYSTEM, PLUS….
Gothicstone was the 1st company in the US to market travertine pavers, from Turkey, nationwide.
In addition to our long-term strong partnerships in Turkey, dating back to the 1990’s, we’ve excited to announce our new portfolio of materials we are producing in Africa.
This is in response to the market demands and our customers’ requests for new and exciting materials, as we have been known in the industry, to embrace “cutting edge” materials, technologies and fashion forward aesthetics.   We are consultants, we are at the quarries, around the world, and embrace……….
Our specialties

  • We specialize in large format stone for a more sleek and modern look
  • Now we’re providing more cutting-edge offerings of limestone and marble.
  • Full range of marbles and limestones, focusing primarily on exterior applications but provide interior, as well.
  • We specialize in consulting on projects for value engineering
  • We have engineering materials experts on staff where we offer gratis consulting on projects re: installation and other design consulting to ensure the most successful project.

Customer Benefits-Value

  • Fashion forward, cutting edge products
  • We specialize in large format stone
  • Upgrade to Bluestone ie: SEAHAZE SEA driveway pavers/curbstone
  • Surprisingly low prices
  • Karl in Africa monitoring productions
  • Long history of consulting, value-engineering on projects
  • Karl is a materials engineer by trade