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Limestone, the ‘superior’ bluestone upgrade


Why do we say ‘superior’? Because it’s superior in several ways:

1) Limestone has NO METAL (practically speaking), unlike traditional blue stone from upstate PA/NY that is very laden with natural metal content….

1a) that means it STAYS COOL EVEN IN DIRECT SUNLIGHT. That’s right, since it has no mechanism (metal) to draw the heat into the body of the stone it is THERMALLY INERT! It’s a thermal insulator, rather than a thermal conductor!

1b) it is chemically inert to chlorine and salt….. NO Chemical REACTION!  Since LIMESTONE and Travertine Limestone are composed of Calcium Carbonate (chemically similar to a salt itself)… doesn’t react with salts or chlorine!

2) It is faster and easier to install than blue stone….

2a) this product is produced on a marble line to exact specifications, thereby resulting in a extremely squared and calibrated end product (try comparing that to blue stone, which is hacked up on very basic saws that produce varying thicknesses and “out of square” end product). Of course this makes the project a “by the book” installation and NOT a nightmare of an “art project”! (Talk to your installers to get a feel for how mega important this point is….it cuts the installation time in half!)

2b) Speaking of CUTS…..this stone, while being extremely strong (it’s even used on roads here) CUTS LIKE BUTTER! This is due to its composition, and the fact that it has no slate-like striations as does blue stone. Ask your installers about the difference between cutting limestone compared to blue stone (it’s a world of difference!)

2c) And unlike blue stone, no “chipped edges” when cutting, again due to the lack of striations (layering) in its composition. No chipping means faster and cleaner cutting with much less waste and a more perfect looking end product.

3) It is available in large format, including full size slabs (six foot by ten foot) or up to 24″x36″ pavers or tiles. Try doing that with blue stone…..well, you can’t try it because large slabs of blue stone like that just don’t exist. This gives you much more design capabilities like incorporating large steps, feature walls, and outdoor kitchen countertops and facades!

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