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Marble Colors

Marble is the stone that has defined awe-inspiring luxury for centuries. Its appeal is timeless, and marble, travertine, and limestone counters are amongst the most popular architectural accents adorning beautiful homes around the world. In fact, as far as countertops go, nothing suggests sophistication and richness in the way marble counters do. 

Whether you need a countertop for your bathroom, kitchen, outdoor dining, or living area, there is an enormous variety of colors available in marble. The same goes for travertine and limestone. From beige, red and black, to shades of white, amber, and pale gold, between these three varieties of stone, you can literally let your imagination run wild. 

Design Considerations

Mixing colors and textures provides interest and distinction that will enhance the interior or outdoor living spaces.  Consider utilizing our variety of surface finishes to add texture to the stone without changing the color of the stone in your design.  Texture can be both functional and aesthetic such as adding bush hammer to step or stair treads to provide extra non-slip features.  We often recommend the Etruscan Finish for pool coping for a tactile and textured finish to the coping.  

Adding an interesting perimeter trim or rug pattern through the addition or utilization of various stone surface finishes can achieve the added interest desired.  New finishes such as Micro Bush Hammer, Suregrip Moleskin, Hand-Chiseled, and Etruscan add soft and subtle interest without changing the material itself. 

grey sky marble

Grey Sky Marble

Midnight Sky Polished Marble

Midnight Sky Marble

motley blue marble

Motley Blue Marble