Surface Finishes

Textures are shifting away from more rustic tumbled, rounded edges to clean lines, square edges on tiles, pavers, and coping. In addition, tone on tone texturing can beautifully enhance the aesthetic of your flooring design. Adding an interesting trim or pattern through the addition or utilization of various stone surface finishes, can achieve the added interest desired. New finishes such as Micro Bush Hammer, Suregrip Moleskin, Hand-Chiseled, and, Etruscan add soft and subtle interest without changing the material itself. Common stone surface finishes such as honed, polished, split face, brushed and tumbled are available as well.

bush hammer seahaze sand stone surface finishes

Bush Hammer

A bush hammered finish is achieved using a high impact machine or by hand using a masonry tool to uniformly pit the stone surface. This finish provides a high anti-slip resistant finish for outdoor applications, particularly great for step treads and pavers, and as an accent for decorating.

micro bush hammer midnight sky

Micro Bush Hammer

A great combination of textural visual aesthetic and tactile interest without being too aggressive, and yet it significantly raises the co-efficient of friction (for those who have that concern).

etruscan finish stone surface finishes

Etruscan Texture™

A proprietary technique resulting in a smoothed bush hammered surface finish. This soft yet highly non-slip and visually tactile surface combines functionality and design interest to your space. OPTION: Ancient Etruscan Finish™ adds antiqued edges for emphasis to this old-world look.

suregrip moleskin

Suregrip Moleskin™

Using a low grit polishing head to provide a “leather-type” look finish to the stone yet providing an anti-slip surface. Great for pool deck pavers and copings.



A smooth matte finish on the stone, best for travertine and limestone. 

Polished stone surface finishes


A smooth high polish on the stone – best for marbles.

tumbled cobblestones


Achieved for smaller size stone pavers, up to 16×16 with a more rustic, old-world looking finish where the corners are rounded, and surface is “pillowed”-looking.

lightly tumbled

Lightly Tumbled

18×18 and up to 36×36 natural stones in a vibrating tumbler machine.  It produces a more refined light tumbled finish and squarer corners.

Split Face Finish

Split Face

A process where the face of the stone is sheared off by great force of chisels from around the edges.

Saw cut stone surface finishes

Saw Cut

Cut smoothly with diamond blades yet unpolished. Sawed finish is available for driveways and other implementations when a very rustic look is desired.

seahaze sand cobbled edge

Cobbled edge micro cladding

Small format saw cut finish with hand cobbled edges.

grid line grooves

Grid Line Grooves

Rows of ¼” groove traversing the stone for drainage purposes in addition to slip resistance and aesthetics.

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