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Pavers Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is the Gothicstone Paver?

A: Gothicstone Pavers are antiqued travertine, limestone, marble or Zebstone pavers and are used for outside walkways, driveways, patios and pool decks. The pavers are available in 25+ diverse natural colors and finishes. They are standard in the French pattern where there are 4 sizes that create the pattern: 8×8, 8×16, 16×16, 16×24; they are 3cm thick. Other standard size is 6×12 honed and chiseled. The Gothicstone Pavers are installed the same way as other dry-set pavers. They require no maintanence, no sealers, they conform to ASTM (American Standard for Testing Materials) testing for non-slip and freeze-thaw. They also stay cool underfoot(except lava). Perfect for the pool deck and outside patio areas. Dimensions: 4×4 to 48×48; custom sizes also available.

Q: What is the French Pattern?

A: The french pattern is a very old world style pattern used for hundreds of years. It is sometimes called the “Versailles” pattern, as well. The pattern has four sizes in the pattern, each pattern is 16 sq. ft which comprises a “set”. The set consists of (2) 16″x24″ pavers, (2) 16″x8″ pavers, (4) 16″x16″ pavers and (4) 8″x8″ pavers.

Q: How thick are the pavers?

A: Gothicstone standard pavers are 3cm (1 1/4″) thick. 5cm(2″) pavers are available. Gothicstone can also custom cut any pattern paver into any thickness your specific project requires.

Q: What does installation cost?

A: Installation is dependent upon many factors but generally, it will range, from $15 per sq. ft. to $25 per sq. ft. dry-set installation. This cost will depend on a variety of factors ie: excavation requirements, egress, region of US, etc. It is recommended that you get several quotes from landscape contractors and architects that can come out and survey your specific requirements.

Q: What colors do they come in?

A: Currently, Gothicstone offers a full color palette wih 25+ different paver selections in Travertine, Marble, Limestone and ZebStone. All pavers come in a variety of edge profiles and surface finishes.

Q: How are they installed?

A: Installation Considerations – Dry Set

While you can install pavers on your own, we highly recommend that you consult a professional. Whether you decide to install your pavers on your own or hire a professional, we believe that the more knowledge you have, the better consumer you are, and that means that you will be able to ask the right quiestions when hiring a professional so that you get the best result. Please consult us for a list of landscape contractors installers and/or architects whom we recommend.





Step #5: FILLING THE JOINTS – not needed with the Gothicstone Paver.

More detailed information can be found in the “Paver Buyer’s Guide”, downloadable off this website. NOTE: Most pavers will be installed using the dry-set method however, wet-set (on a cement slab) is also an option and considerations are listed below.

Installation Considerations – Dry-Set

– Use of spacers is not necessary particularly when dry setting these pavers.
– No sealing or maintenance is required. Natural rain water will flush and clean the stone.
– Same installation methods and considerations, as other decorative pavers, should be employed including using a pad on your vibrating plate.

Installation Considerations – Wet Set

– For wet set installations, a high quality penetrating sealer, recommend Roval, be employed as a grout release.
– For optimum performance on wet set installation on concrete slab, the use of an anti-fracture membrane (such as Ditra by Schluter, is highly recommended but not necessary. Always respect expansion joints.

Q: How do they hold up in the cold climates?

A: ASTM C1026 testing has been completed on (9) colors of travertine and marble. These samples were subjected to fifteen cycles of freezing to 0 degrees
F to 60 degrees F water.

Q: Can they be used around pools?

A: Yes, The Gothicstone Paver is perfect for pool decks because: a. they are non-slip and b. they never get hot (excluding lava stone pavers).

Q: Do you have pool coping?

A: Yes, pool coping is a standard orderable product from Gothicstone. It is supported in the following colors and must be ordered per standard or custom sizes: Apricot, Cream, Latte, Noce and Portobello.

Q: Can The Gothicstone Paver be used for driveways?

A: Yes, of course, since the 3 cm paver is rated at approximately 5000 PSI, they are sufficient for normal vehicle traffic. You can order thicker pavers for heavier traffic on your driveway.

Q: Do you have to seal The Gothicstone Paver?

A: No, not when installed in a dry-set (sand) application. When wet-setting, yes, we recommend sealing the stone with a good impregnating sealer. We recommend the Roval product line for impregnating sealers.

Q: What other architectural accents are provided for outside hardscape from Gothicstone?

A: Gothicstone provides the following special order pieces: stair treads, wall caps, pier caps, pool coping, balusters, columns, fountains, countertops and tile as required for your project. We specialize in project work so there is no job that is too small or big for our capacity. We have architects on staff at our factory and will quote you a price on any custom job within days.


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