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Limestone & Sandstone Gallery

SEAHAZE SEAtm , SEAHAZE SANDtmSEAHAZE MIXtm (Pavers, Coping, Slabs, Treads, Interior Tile, Architectural Accents)

Several color selections, with variations thereof, of this beautiful sandstone.  Seahaze Sea (a lovely blue stone alternative), comes in a  blue, grey or blue-grey selection.   Seahaze Sand (warm, beigey sandy color).  Seahaze Mix (combination of both grey and beige selections – see picture below).   These natural sandstones stay cooler than bluestone, slates or porcelein and are perfect for pool pavers/decking, coping, countertops in the intense outdoor sun!  Limestone works well for a modern, sleek, clean look/finish.
  • Extra-large format pavers will provide a more modern, sleek look.
  • SEAHAZEtm SEA will rival Bluestone and will be a terrific upgrade.
    • An alternative to Bluestone – less expensive to buy and less expensive to install!
    • No chipping, delaminatio or, flaking, cuts beautifully, calibrated & rectified to industry standards,  stays cooler.
  • Extra-large format pavers (24×48, 48×48) in 2cm/3cm/4cm/5cm/6cm thickness for even the most industrial application.
  • New finishes – SUREGRIP MOLESKINtm (leather), Etruscan (bush hammer / brushed) and micro bush hammer.
  • Products available for your projects: pavers, slabs, treads, block treads, coping, cladding, tile.
Watch the video
SeaHaze Sea (blue selection) 18×36 pool deck and large radius coping

Seahaze Sea (grey selection) 24×24 pavers + coping

SEAHAZE SEA (blue selection) 16×24 pavers

Seahaze Mix) Bush Hammered radius coping

Seahaze Sand (running bond with border of SeaHaze Sea)

Seahaze Sand (beige) pavers with (creamy white) coping

Seahaze Sand (beige) honed finish pavers

Seahaze Sand (Etruscan finish – bush hammer/brushed)

Seahaze Sea Chiseled Face-Bush Hammered back Cladding




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