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  • Seahaze Sea Limestone Pavers + Coping 610-308-1054
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SEAHAZE SEAtm , SEAHAZE SANDtm, SEAHAZE MIXtm , Buceto Limestone (Pavers, Coping, Slabs, Treads, Interior Tile, Architectural Accents)

Several color selections, with variations thereof, of this beautiful limestone. SEAHAZE SEA (a lovely Bluestone upgrade), comes in a  blue, grey or blue-grey selection.   Seahaze Sand (warm, beigey sandy color).  Seahaze Mix (combination of both grey and beige selections – see picture below).   These natural sandstones stay cooler than bluestone, slates or porcelein and are perfect for pool pavers/decking, coping, countertops in the intense outdoor sun!  Limestone works well for a modern, sleek, clean look/finish.

  • Extra-large format pavers will provide a more modern, sleek look.
  • SEAHAZEtm SEA will rival Bluestone and will be a terrific upgrade.
    • An alternative to Bluestone – less expensive to buy and less expensive to install!
    • No chipping, delamination or, flaking, cuts beautifully, calibrated & rectified to industry standards,  stays cooler.
  • Extra-large format pavers (ie: 18×36, 30×30, 24×48, 48×48) in 2cm/3cm/4cm/5cm/6cm thickness for even the most industrial application.
  • New finishes – Suregrip Moleskintm (a “leathered-type” surface), Early Etruscantm (bush hammer with added smooth finish ) and micro bush hammer (a great combination of textural visual aesthetic and tactile interest without being too aggressive, and yet it significantly raises the co-efficient of friction (for those who have that concern).
  • Products available for your projects: pavers, slabs, treads, block treads, coping, cladding, tile and driveway system.

Newest Limestone selecion: Buceto Limestone


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