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Limestone Gallery

Check out our Limestone Collection:  SEAHAZE SEAtm – SEAHAZE SANDtm – SEAHAZE MIXtm  – CARAMEL LIMESTONEtm – Buceto Limestonetm

Extra-large format Pavers and Coping, Slabs, Step Treads, Block Treads, Interior Tile, Driveway System, Wall System, Split Face or Hand-Chiseled Veneer/Cladding, and Architectural Accents

SEAHAZE SEA (Watch Video), comes in a  blue, grey, or blue-grey selection.   Seahaze Sand (warm, beige sandy color).  Seahaze Mix (combination of both grey and beige selections – see pictures below).   These natural limestones stay cooler than PA/NY bluestone, slates, or porcelain and are perfect for pool pavers/decking, coping, countertops in the intense outdoor sun!  Limestone works well for a modern, sleek, clean look/finish. Can be wet-set or dry-set.
  • Extra-large format pavers will provide a more modern, sleek look.
  • SEAHAZEtm SEA will rival PA/NY Bluestone and will be a terrific upgrade.
    • An alternative to PA/NY Bluestone – less expensive to buy and less expensive to install!
    • No chipping, delamination or, flaking, cuts beautifully, calibrated & rectified to industry standards,  stays cooler.
  • CARAMEL LIMESTONEtm – is a warmer version of the SEAHAZE SAND with richer and darker tones of beige. Below are the color pallets.
  • Extra-large format pavers (ie: 18×36, 30×30, 24×48, 48×48) in 2cm/3cm/4cm/5cm/6cm thickness for even the most industrial application.
  • Bigger, thicker copings – NOW 6cm (2.4″) and 7cm (2.8″) standard produtions.
  • New finishes – Suregrip Moleskintm (a “leathered-type” surface), Early Etruscantm (bush hammer with added smooth finish ), and micro bush hammer (a great combination of textural visual aesthetic and tactile interest without being too aggressive, and yet it significantly raises the coefficient of friction (for those who have that concern).
  • Products available for your projects: pavers, slabs, treads, block steps, coping, cladding/veneer, tile, and driveway system.
SEAHAZE MIX (both grey and sand colors)
BUCETO LIMESTONE (light beige-whitish)

The Buceto goes very well with both warm and cool colors as in photos above – beige house panels, white trim.  Perfect with this Mid-Century house.  We produce large formats and the French-Versailles pattern for pool/patio deck pavers and accompanying coping, treads, tile, and countertops. 


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