Pool Deck Pavers

The best natural stone pool deck pavers are those that stay cool in the direct sunlight, are slip-resistant, are durable and beautiful, can accommodate almost any design consideration, and are basically, maintenance-free.  In addition, natural stone pool deck pavers can be used for a modern or contemporary design or old-world motif.  

When wet, the surface pits in unfilled travertine, limestone, and marble pavers are naturally slip-resistant, and a variety of other surface finishes such as SUREGRIP MOLESKINtm, Etruscan Finishtm , and bush hammer can provide even more traction for not only pool deck pavers but patio pavers, step treads and other walkway areas, as well!

Prolonged, direct sunlight won’t affect the look or performance of natural stone pavers as it will wood or resins. Travertine, limestone, and marble are especially cold-resistant and won’t freeze or crack in the lowest outdoor temperatures. These pavers will likely outlive the pool that they surround.

Our Stone Pavers stay cooler

The heat issue re: exposure to direct sunlight in warm climates, for both SEAHAZE SEAtm and SEAHAZE SANDtm limestone, stays relatively cool on pool decks, with the beige (SEAHAZE SANDtm) excelling a bit better than the darker blue-grey ( SEAHAZE SEAtm ) version. In any case, there is no comparison to the “you could fry an egg on it” surface of bluestone, granites, or slates, due to their unusually high naturally occurring metal content.

Above all, homeowners who entertain and use their pools frequently appreciate low-maintenance pool pavers and pool coping materials. Swimming pools already require plenty of care. Having natural stone pool deck pavers that only need hosing means more time in the water. This is one trend that doesn’t sacrifice function for beauty or vice versa. 

8 Types of Natural Stone Decking

Seahaze Sea Limestone Pool Pavers


SEAHAZE SEA Limestone Pool Pavers and Coping

SEAHAZE SEA Limestone (PA/NY Bluestone Alternative)

Seahaze Sea Drainage Pavers

Blue Grey Seahaze Sea Drainage Pavers

Cream Travertine Pool Deck Pavers

Cream Travertine

travertine pavers
Peach Yellow Travertine Pool Deck Pavers

Peach Yellow Travertine

Caramel Travertine Pool Pavers

Caramel Travertine

Caramel Walnut Noce Mix Pool Deck Pavers

Caramel Walnut Noce Mix

travertine pavers
Buceto Limestone Pool Pavers and Coping

Buceto Limestone

white limestone
Marble pool side

Motley Blue Marble



Noce Travertine Pool Deck Pavers

Noce Travertine

Caramel Travertine Pool Deck Pavers

Caramel Travertine

white limestone with beige-grey tones

buceto limestone gothicstone

white limestone
Beige SEAHAZE SAND Limestone pavers


beige limestone pavers
Silver Travertine Pavers Coping

Silver Travertine

Silver Travertine


beige limestone pavers any size
beige limestone pavers


beige natural stone pavers and coping produced in any size
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