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Philly “Sun Center/Fun Center”

Caramel Walnut Travertine™
Quarry: Antalya Region, Turkey
Philadelphia Main Line Project: Comprehensive Renovation of Existing Pool & Pool House with Added Outdoor Living Amenities

caramel walnut travertine

After the client chooses the desired stone product, our first mission is to collect top-quality blocks from the appropriate partner quarry located in the Antalya region of southern Turkey.

In addition to the production of pool pavers, copings, and step treads, specialty products are produced at the Turkish factory. Extra-thick/extra-large slabs are required for the oversized horseshoe shaped spa bar top. Special considerations for appropriate packaging and handling at the job site become top priority.

quality block in Antalya
Philly escape excavation
escape excavation

The new additions to this comprehensive renovation project require different custom fabrications by our Turkish factory. There are several different trades working together and having the materials available on site becomes crucial to the project staying on schedule.

The design guess work and uncertainty of selecting materials for the different elements and part of the project such as coping, pavers, countertops, step treads, pool waterline tile, submerged bench seating, firepit caps, pool house interior flooring and wall bench seating are eliminated with selecting a natural stone that ties everything together. To add interest, we incorporate different textures on the surface finishes. The pool house interior flooring and the pool waterline tile are a brushed finish, while the pool deck pavers have a tumbled finish which gives a “higher co-efficient of friction” for a more non-slip surface. The slab work on the countertops of the spa and firepit, in addition to the step treads and bench seating are a honed finish.

sun center fun center project
caramel travertine spa

The star of the show becomes the central design feature of the project: a large spa with countertops for entertaining and water spill over for visual and audio interest. An oversized 2” thick horseshoe shape countertop, fabricated on site, is ideal for entertaining guests seated on bar stools surrounding the exterior of the spa or enjoying refreshments while in the water. The “floating steps” on either side of the spa provide an additional interesting design element. The spillover utilizes two long travertine slabs, one for the spillover itself and another for a “floating” bench seat in front of the cascading water.

Evening and seasonal entertainment shifts from the pool and spa to the new firepit area. Floating Caramel Travertine™ bench seating adds functionality to the towering fieldstone retaining wall. The entire project is realized with ease due to proper preplanning and the ability to overcome the challenges inherent in providing matching stone (varied sizes, shapes, finishes) and specific packaging requirements all sourced from a singular quarry.

caramel travertine firepit and bench