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Silver Travertine Toadflax selection 12"x24" pavers and coping

Silver Travertine Pavers, Coping, Treads and Slabs

Gothicstone is now offering three color selections of Silver Travertine for pavers, coping, treads, slabs, tile, and, veneer.

  • Silver Adirondack selection (dark silver and dark grey tones)
  • Silver Gunmetal selection (predominantly silver and grey color mixes).
  • Silver Toadflax selection (silver, grey, cream, and beige color mixes, which are highly varied).
  • This provides a better color match for your exclusive projects.
  • Unlimited access to all selections to mitigate any delay in project delivery.
  • Our selection process is according to European standards, which means no large voids or holes. 
  • Large formats from 24″x 24″ and higher are available in both selections with 2cm, 3cm, and 5cm thicknesses.
  • Pavers, coping, treads, wall cladding/veneers, countertops, wall and pier caps, tiles, and slabs.

Silver Travertine Adirondack selection

Silver Gunmetal selection

Silver Toadflax selection

Silver travertine is a popular choice for outdoor spaces due to its durability, versatility, and aesthetic appeal. It appeals to many design choices where the exterior of homes (particularly roof lines are dark grey) and it also blends well with most natural landscapes and a variety of field stones.

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