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Silver Travertine Toadflax selection 12"x24" pavers and coping

Silver Travertine

Gothicstone is now offering three color selections of Silver Travertine.

  • Silver Adirondack selection (dark silver and dark grey)
  • Silver Gunmetal selection (predominantly silver and grey color mixes).
  • Silver Toadflax selection (silver, grey, cream, and beige color mixes – highly varied).
  • This provides a better color match for your exclusive projects.
  • Unlimited access to both selections to mitigate any delay in project delivery.
  • Our selection process is according to European standards which translates to no large voids/holes. 
  • Large formats, 24″x 24″ and higher available in both selections with 2cm, 3cm, and 5cm thickness.
  • Pavers, coping, treads, wall cladding/veneers, countertops, wall and pier caps, tiles, and slabs.

Silver Travertine Adirondack selection

Silver Gunmetal selection

Silver Toadflax selection