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Terrazzo Pavers

Terrazzo pavers for your project specifications are now available from Gothicstone. This is NOT “poured in place” Terrazzo…. which is quite common, on elementary and high school floors back in the day and big in institutional construction implementation.  Terrazzo materials are available for commercial, institutional, and residential projects. In addition, these pavers can be produced with CUSTOM DECOS and LOGOS available by customer specifications.

Terrazzo Paver Features

Terrazzo is known for its strength, durability, and its ability to withstand heavy traffic. It also comes in a variety of colors and can be customized to match any color scheme. Unlike traditional “poured” terrazzo, our productions are made from precast pieces, which makes installation easy and quick.

Immensely popular for its versatility, aesthetic designs, and low cost. The biggest reason for popularity is the flexibility in producing custom designs, based on your specifications.

Design Considerations

Mixing colors and textures provides interest and distinction that will enhance the interior or outdoor living spaces.  Consider utilizing our variety of surface finishes to add texture to the Terrazzo without changing the color in your design.  However, texture can be both functional and aesthetic such as adding a sandblasted surface finish along with a polished surface finish.  This is easily accomplished in the production of your custom Terrazzo pavers.

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