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Trends in Natural Stone Designs

Designing with natural stone

In today’s landscape and interior design concepts, natural stone, such as limestone, marble, sandstone or travertine, can be used to create an antique or old-world look, but it also is a great choice for contemporary/modern look for patios, pool decks, terraces, pool houses and any interior living spaces.

Trends in color are shifting away from the warm, “safe” beigey brown earth tones to cooler colors, blacks, whites, greys, blues.  For decades now, the “go to” or standard has been earth tones, warm colors and remains, to this day, but the new push is toward cooler colors for both interior and exterior environments. 

Cooler colors in furniture, tables, chairs and structures, such as awnings, screened in areas (lanai, canopies), are made of chrome, aluminum, stainless steel, other metallics.

White is back in as far as furniture upholstery, house facades and white stuccos.

Textures are shifting away from more rustic tumbled, rounded edges look to clean lines, square edges on tiles, pavers, and coping.   In addition, tone on tone texturing can beautifully enhance the aesthetic of your flooring design.  Adding an interesting trim or pattern through the addition or utilization of various surface finishes, can achieve the added interest desired.  For example, new finishes such as micro bush hammer, Suregrip Moleskin, Early Etruscan finish, among others, is a soft and subtle approach to adding interest without changing the material itself.

Pool coping and countertop edge profiles have come a long way in that now, the trend is more of a flat faced coping with eased edges as the requested edge profile. 

Extra-large formats are in vogue these days with designers and architects specifying much larger stone pieces and not the familiar French Pattern.  Such sizes as 18”x36”, 24”x48”, 30”x30” and 48”x48” are starting to surface in many residential and commercial specifications. 

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