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Why Consider Pedestal Systems for Natural Stone Hardscape Paver Design and Installation

Podcast on considerations and value of using pedestal systems in exterior applications

A perfect, “save the day” paver application would be an old, ugly concrete patio, that is degraded somewhat, some cracking here and there—unsightly but basically in pretty good shape. You can make it new by laying pedestals over the concrete, place your natural stone pavers, Limestone or Travertine on top.  With a crew of three or four competent laborers, you could probably install several thousand square feet in one day. 

One of the big benefits of a pedestal system is the accessibility for future changes that may be desired. Once installed, you can lift those large format pavers or paver tiles and have access to the MEP underneath it, whether you want to put in water lines for a new outdoor kitchen, gas lines for outdoor fire pit, stereo speaker wire, or electrical cables.

Gothicstone recommendations for natural stone sizes and thicknesses plus pedestal system manufacturers, Bison Innovative Products, Buzon Pedestals, Hanover Pedestals.

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