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Gothicstone Announces ZEBSTONE™

Today Gothicstone announces, ZEBSTONE™ Pavers and Building Blocks, an innovative, ultra-green paving product.

ZEBSTONE™ Zero Energy Building Stone by GOTHICSTONE™

First truly “green” natural stone paving, block and panel systems. Sustainable, cost-effective and lowest carbon footprint natural stone product in the building industry.

LEED Compliance and Benefits

• ZEBSTONE™ Reduces Additional Material Use and Minimizes Waste and Pollution

• High Thermal Efficiencies

• CO2 Emissions Reduction (where do we begin…?)

• 1 ton of concrete of production produces 1 ton of CO2.

• ZEBSTONE™ is a highly efficient acoustic insulator. Sound Transmission Class (STC) of 68 can be achieved in standard applications.

• Mold Proof

• Improves Indoor Air Quality – no VOC emissions

• ZEBSTONE™ Structures Are Well-Suited to Withstand Fires, Earthquakes, and Other Natural Disasters

ZEBSTONE™ formally known as SPUMACRETE™


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