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Pedestal Systems expand its footprint in both interior and exterior paver projects.

Pedestal systems have been used for decades now, most familiarly for lightweight rooftop applications such as installing a patio utilizing the existing roof substrate.  Additionally, they are commonly used in computer rooms where access to electrical and telecommunication cables beneath the floor is necessary. A pedestal system lifts the paver up above the substrate Here’s how they work with paver or paver tile projects. Basically, a pedestal, typically made of plastic, raises up the four corners of a paver off the ground with small spacers in each corner. This leaves a small spacer (or tiny little gaps) on each side of the paver or tile, allowing the floor to breathe or, in the outdoors, for drainage and access.  Other benefits, discussed in detail below, are time savings for installation, accessibility for both future changes/retrofitting, and MEP (Mechanical, Electrical, and Plumbing). Limitations of pedestal systems It is recommended that you have a flat plane (not necessarily[...]

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Concrete Pavers vs Natural Stone Pavers……You Decide!

10 Reasons why you may want to select Natural Stone Pavers.

#1 REAL natural stone is actually less expensive than faux-stone concrete look-alikes….and has a much better look and enduring life span.

#2 ASTM* Tested – twice the strength of concrete.

#3 Stays Cool Underfoot unlike man-made products or slate.

#4 Great for all exterior (pools, patios, driveways) and interior spaces (kitchens, bathrooms, counter tops, basements).   Copings, treads, wall caps all readily available in various thicknesses.

#5  ASTM* Tested – high co-efficient of friction for a non-slip surface.

#6 No Maintenance – no need to seal or coat (especially, if dry-set pavers).

#7  ASTM Tested for freeze/thaw compatibility in northern climates.

#8 Retains its natural beauty forever! (they are over 50 million years old).

#9 Does not scuff or degrade like patterned concrete or stamped asphalt surfaces (asphalt and concrete get very hot).

#10 Fashion forward look with timeless beauty.

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Limestone, the ‘superior’ Bluestone upgrade

Why do we say Limestone is ‘superior’ to  Bluestone? Compare the attributes….
1) Limestone has NO METAL (practically speaking), unlike traditional Bluestone from upstate PA/NY that is very laden with natural metal content….

1a) that means it STAYS COOL EVEN IN DIRECT SUNLIGHT. That’s right, since it has no mechanism (metal) to draw the heat into the body of the stone it is THERMALLY INERT! It’s a thermal insulator, rather than a thermal conductor!

1b) it is chemically inert to chlorine and salt….. NO Chemical REACTION!  Since LIMESTONE and Travertine Limestone are composed of Calcium Carbonate (chemically similar to a salt itself)… doesn’t react with salts or chlorine!

2) It is faster and easier to install than Bluestone….

2a) Gothicstone products are produced on marble tile production lines to exact specifications, thereby resulting in a extremely squared and calibrated end product (try comparing that to Bluestone, which is hacked up on very basic saws that[...]

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Peruvian Travertine

Peruvian travertine is a very unique variety of travertine and has certain special features. First of all, it is denser, stronger and less porous than other travertines. This makes it useful for a wider variety of applications, both indoors and outdoors. Also, famously, Peruvian travertine is available in a wide range of rich and beautiful colors that are either unique or at best rarely available.

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Travertine Tile Flooring

You may struggle to think of any one thing in a house that has the power to impress like the sophisticated look of top quality travertine tile flooring. In fact, since it does not have as wide a market as some of the other stones, travertine is truly a symbol of luxury.

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Paving Tiles are Available

At Gothicstone, we have a wide range of natural stone paving tiles for driveways, walkways, steps and patios. We offer this kind of a range and take great care in our fabrication and installation as we recognize how much value the right kind of outdoor paving can add to the aesthetic appeal of your home. In fact, it is often the yard, garden and driveway that determine the difference between a neat appearance and an untidy appearance for a residential space.

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Paver Stones

A growing awareness of the importance of living in harmony with nature is one of the positive trends in this day and age. It is no co-incidence that the popularity of natural stone architectural features such as pavers and tiles is growing right along with this trend. Limestone, granite, travertine, marble and bluestone pavers and tiles not only suggest fine taste and sophisticated style both in and outside your home, but also seem to draw you towards nature itself.

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Paver Edging

No matter what kind of architectural feature you may have created with natural stone pavers, such as a walkway, a full-fledged patio or even a small sitting area, durability is always a top requirement. This is why paver edging is crucial. This process, utilizing paver restraints, secures the pavers and prevents them from shifting out of position, while protecting the sand base from eroding. The result is that your landscape feature lasts for years just the way it was created.

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Patio Paver Tiles

At Gothicstone we have a wide range of high-end patio pavers and tiles that is sure to impress you! We bring to you different varieties of natural stone, along with a range of sizes and several different colors, so that you can consider many alternative styles and looks before making a choice. What you will have finally is a neatly laid out, inviting natural stone patio that will not only create a luxurious, high end atmosphere but will be quick and convenient to install as well as dismantle, in case you move to a new home.

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