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Limestone: the better alternative to Bluestone

NEW PRODUCTS! SEAHAZE SEA and SEAHAZE SAND limestone large format pavers in 2cm/3cm/4cm/5cm/6cm thickness for even the most industrial application. Watch the video!  Gothicstone is introducing our African Collection of Limestone, Travertine and Marble SLABS, PAVERS, COPING, TREADS, DRIVEWAY SYSTEM, PLUS…. Gothicstone was the 1st company in the US to market travertine pavers, from Turkey, nationwide. In addition to our long-term strong partnerships in Turkey, dating back to the 1990’s, we’ve excited to announce our new portfolio of materials we are producing in Africa. This is in response to the market demands and our customers’ requests for new and exciting materials, as we have been known in the industry, to embrace “cutting edge” materials, technologies and fashion forward aesthetics.   We are consultants, we are at the quarries, around the world, and embrace………. Our specialties We specialize in large format stone for a more sleek and modern look Now we’re providing more cutting-edge offerings of limestone and marble. Full range of marbles[...]

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Suitability for the SeaHaze limestone in pool applications – Reason #1

REASON #1: Salt: our limestone materials have negligible quantity of naturally occurring metals/iron oxides that would cause corrosion and subsequent failure, around a salt water or chlorine pool environment.   Calcium Carbonate (limestone) is naturally inert, in regard to salt reactivity issues, in a pool deck environment.  In contrast to the typical Indiana Limestone, this material is denser (therefore stronger) and you will not have an issue in that regard. SEAHAZE SEA (blue selection) 16×24 Pavers + Coping (we specialize in large format any size/any color) SEAHAZE SAND Limestone Pavers

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Concrete Pavers vs Natural Stone Pavers……You Decide!

10 Reasons why you may want to select Natural Stone Pavers. #1 REAL natural stone is actually less expensive than faux-stone concrete look-alikes….and has a much better look and enduring life span. #2 ASTM* Tested – twice the strength of concrete. #3 Stays Cool Underfoot unlike man-made products or slate. #4 Great for all exterior (pools, patios, driveways) and interior spaces (kitchens, bathrooms, counter tops, basements).   Copings, treads, wall caps all readily available in various thicknesses. #5  ASTM* Tested – high co-efficient of friction for a non-slip surface. #6 No Maintenance – no need to seal or coat (especially, if dry-set pavers). #7  ASTM Tested for freeze/thaw compatibility in northern climates. #8 Retains its natural beauty forever! (they are over 50 million years old). #9 Does not scuff or degrade like patterned concrete or stamped asphalt surfaces (asphalt and concrete get very hot). #10 Fashion forward look with timeless beauty.

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Alternative to Bluestone and stays Cool!

6 Reasons why limestone should be your paver choice

6 Reasons why limestone should be your paver choice for driveways and pool/patio pavers Stays cool even in direct sunlight Will not react to salt or chlorine Is faster and easier to install – cuts like butter Perfectly rectified / calibrated (perfect 24 x 24, for example) Produced in small or large format patterns, individual sizes Used for both old world and modern designs – more flexibility

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Limestone, the ‘superior’ bluestone upgrade

  Why do we say ‘superior’? Because it’s superior in several ways: 1) Limestone has NO METAL (practically speaking), unlike traditional blue stone from upstate PA/NY that is very laden with natural metal content…. 1a) that means it STAYS COOL EVEN IN DIRECT SUNLIGHT. That’s right, since it has no mechanism (metal) to draw the heat into the body of the stone it is THERMALLY INERT! It’s a thermal insulator, rather than a thermal conductor! 1b) it is chemically inert to chlorine and salt….. NO Chemical REACTION!  Since LIMESTONE and Travertine Limestone are composed of Calcium Carbonate (chemically similar to a salt itself)… doesn’t react with salts or chlorine! 2) It is faster and easier to install than blue stone…. 2a) this product is produced on a marble line to exact specifications, thereby resulting in a extremely squared and calibrated end product (try comparing that to blue stone, which is hacked up on very basic saws[...]

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Why Coated Rebar is Imperative in Paving Projects!

Whenever rebar is used to reinforce concrete around a paving project (I emphasize a paving project because of the horizontal nature of the concrete usually means there will be water sitting on it for extended periods of time) the use of COATED rebar is imperative. The iron in the rebar will eventually oxidize (rust) and expand in the process. The more it oxidizes, the more it expands. The more it expands the more water it can collect and therefore the more it oxidizes and so on and so forth. Eventually you will get a massive failure like this municipal project on the Malaga (Spain) Beach Promenade. By the way, no sense in using coated rebar if you don’t also coat the ends yourself after cutting the pieces to the necessary length for your install. For those that may be interested contact me for information regarding a new generation of lightweight rebar that is a[...]

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Outdoor Pavers

Specialty installations and home remodels that require large supplies of outdoor pavers can be facilitated by a stone importer with a history in building. A supplier that takes part in highly publicized architectural projects can offer expertise in the selection and application of natural stone tiles. An importer of quality limestone, travertine, marble and lava stone can provide insights into home building and landscape planning and execution.

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Limestone Countertops

Homeowners anticipating a second home or remodeling project are becoming more interested in limestone tiles. Whether used for pool decks or countertops, limestone is taking over from synthetic flooring and heavier natural materials. Before interior or exterior home designs are even in the planning stage, homeowners can take the time to learn about the stone tile alternatives from an online source. A reputable importer uses its website to educate buyers and installers, as well as to sell its products.

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Limestone Floor Tiles

Limestone floor tiles and other natural stone building accents are available to homeowners, designers and contractors through an importer’s online store. For those who have heard about the attributes of natural stone or have noticed a friend’s beautifully tiled pool area, seeing truly is believing. An online showroom can open up a new world of remodeling ideas with beautiful and rugged materials that can last for decades.

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Limestone Pavers

Favored by the ancients, limestone tiles are still beautifying homes and landscapes today. Modern quarrying and finishing techniques render these natural stone pavers suitable for heavy traffic yet comfortable on bare feet. Limestone, marble, travertine and lava stone pavers are being used to floor swimming pool decks to spectacular effect. Designers enjoy a contrast between static stone and moving water, and rough versus smooth textures, that they could achieve in no other way.

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