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Travertine Columns

Designers want to make a splash when it comes to pool and landscape pavers. Increasingly, they are turning to natural stone for unique flooring and installations indoors and out. Homeowners who entertain or spend a lot of time under the sun and stars begin by using travertine, limestone, marble or lava stone pavers for patio and deck surfaces. A pair of travertine columns might frame a poolhouse. The use of matching stone in a fountain or other landscape feature creates a harmonious effect. Buyers can get decor or design ideas from an online importer.

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Travertine Pavers

While travertine pavers are currently in high demand in home and landscape architecture, they come with a history. Unlike synthetic or forged building materials, natural stone has been used throughout recorded history. The ancient Romans and Etruscans, renowned for their architectural advancements and remnants, chose travertine pavers most often.

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