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Backyard Design Ideas

Natural stone creates an old-world or antique look for backyard designs.  It is an excellent choice for contemporary or mid-century outdoor living spaces, as well. You can customize sizes, thicknesses, and surface finishes, for that extra non-slip protection. Color choices meet almost any design concept and easy maintenance for a no-fuss interior or exterior living space. Therefore, patios, pool decks, terraces, pool houses, and driveways are great applications. Interior living spaces such as kitchens, basements, and bathrooms are perfect for natural stone and require little or no maintenance.  

Large Pavers in Today’s Backyard Designs

Backyard design ideas are highlighting large pavers for limestone paving designs. In sizes such as 24″x24″, 18”x36”, and up to 48″x48″ you can design a specific look for any space. You can “butt install” the tile or pavers for a seamless, large format design. To complement the spaces, step treads, wall caps, and wall systems plus driveway cobblestones and driveway pavers are all available.

Surface Finishes and Textures

With a variety of different (and new) surface texture finishes, you can create diverse looks ranging from an old-world to a modern/contemporary look.  Finishes such as honed, brushed, SUREGRIP MOLESKIN, Etruscan finish, bush hammer, micro bush hammer, saw cut, split face finishes, or even a hand-chiseled, antiqued finish can produce a variety of design appeal. 

Tone on Tone Texturing for Design

In addition, tone-on-tone texturing can beautifully enhance the aesthetic of your flooring design. Adding an interesting trim or pattern through the addition of various surface finishes can achieve the added interest desired for the living space. For example, new finishes such as micro bush hammer, SUREGRIP MOLESKIN, and Etruscan Texture, among others, are a soft and subtle approach to adding interest without changing the material or color of the natural stone.

For outdoor stone steps, the best surface finish is the bush hammer finish on the surface of the step tread. It can be produced on stair treads and block treads. It doesn’t change the color of the material but adds an extra level of non-slip to the tread surface – a great surface application for commercial and residential steps. 

Drainage pavers are used for overflowing water for pool decks, and patios. These pavers can be produced out of the same stone as the coping and pool deck pavers. Cutting slots into the pavers adds to texturing and the ability to manage water overflow without having to add a new material (metal or plastic grates) for the purpose of water overflow. Therefore, all the pieces of the pool deck, patio, and driveway will match and look fantastic! See all Gothicstone’s surface finishes and textures.  

Designing with natural stone

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