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Bluestone Patios

Bluestone patios offer what is perhaps the most attractive look amongst patios. Chic, stylish and often colorful, they can provide the signature touch to a neat, welcoming home. With us at Gothicstone, you will find careful understanding, a wide range of choices and even guidance, if you feel you need any, for your bluestone patio.

We provide all the three different color and finishing choices available in bluestone for patios. There is regular blue, which has a light, almost sky colored hue. Then there is a ‘full range’ option where the stones are a multi-colored mix of blues, tans and even purples. This kaleidoscope of colors has a very exciting, vibrant feel about it. Finally, there is also something called a ‘thermal finish’, where the stones are rougher and the look they achieve, more rustic.

Depending on your choice for your bluestone patio, we can provide different sizes and thicknesses and can also give you a choice of rectilinear or irregular shapes. Basically, our expert craftsmen will build something that suits your customized requirements and gives you the look you always wanted for your bluestone patio.

Please get in touch with us for more information about bluestone patios. Our representative could also offer you a quote.


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