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Flagstone Walkways

There is nothing like a flagstone walkway to draw someone’s admiration and brighten their heart as they walk into your house. All it takes is initiative, a little bit of space and a little bit of time, and we can get started with designing a creative little path to your doorstep!

As far as flagstone walkways are concerned, there is very little limit on how creatively one can think. Right from the time we assess your space, we will work with you to understand your fancy for a walkway. We will then proceed to design it and build it accordingly, of course, in consultation with you. For the requirements of your space we can provide flagstones in any shape, size and thickness. We can work with different kinds of patterns and give you the choice of fitting the flagstones closely together for a compact walkway or leaving spaces for gravel or grass. Our expert craftsmen have handled several projects and therefore have experience in building all kinds of flagstone walkways.

At GothicStone we understand that every room is a unique space and houses a part of the life of a unique individual. Keeping this in mind, we believe in establishing an excellent rapport with you, the customer, in order to create a completely customized architectural accent. From design to installation, we try our best to understand your needs and choices, and wherever you are in doubt, our experts and craftsmen are there to provide the right suggestions and advice.

All that you need to do is get in touch with us, and we will begin to understand your space and your needs for a special flagstone walkway. We will also be able to offer you a quote without much delay.


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