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Limestone Pavers

Favored by the ancients, limestone tiles are still beautifying homes and landscapes today. Modern quarrying and finishing techniques render these natural stone pavers suitable for heavy traffic yet comfortable on bare feet. Limestone, marble, travertine and lava stone pavers are being used to floor swimming pool decks to spectacular effect. Designers enjoy a contrast between static stone and moving water, and rough versus smooth textures, that they could achieve in no other way.

Perhaps for this same reason, the ancient Greeks and Romans also incorporated bathing areas and water features into their architecture. Today’s limestone tiles can be used to create custom fountains, waterfalls and matching retaining walls. If a designer can conceptualize it, natural stone can usually adapt. A wide choice of cuts and colors is available in stone tiles.

Limestone Tiles for Green Building

While we like to think that green building is the newest and latest trend, before toxin-producing synthetics were invented every construction project was green. Materials from nature reflected beauty and robust health. A return to the use of limestone, marble and travertine shows that we are attracted to what is good for us. A bonus for the world of architecture is that the separation between home and landscape is shrinking, and in some cases disappearing

Since limestone and other tiles can be safely used indoors and out, a unifying theme is easy for interior and exterior designers to perpetuate. An online importer such as Gothicstone can show buyers more of the benefits of using natural stone tiles in home construction and remodeling.


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