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Marble Floor Tiles

When a remodeling client wants marble flooring, a helpful and reliable source can be found online. Every aspect of the job can be scoped out and budgeted for time and money with the help of an online importer. Experts who know natural stone and see it from quarry to building project have everything that designers and builders need to see their visions become reality. Whether their plans incorporate interior flooring, staircases, patios or pools, they can get started with samples, product info and application suggestions online.

Selecting and Installing Marble Flooring

Sample crates or comparison boards of marble and other natural stone are available to order from an online supplier. These can be shared with the client, along with brochures and PowerPoint presentations. When the project is in the planning stage, designers can consult the stone importer’s staff architects for more ideas or to confirm material amounts and availability.

Marble floor tiles can be used for many different applications these days, thanks to a softer finish that is less slippery and less prone to scratching than the highly polished stone. It is also less conspicuous, and so may be used in quantity without overdoing it visually. As interior flooring, it requires little maintenance and will last much longer than wood, carpet or synthetics. It can also be used in custom installations, such as wall units or fountains, to beautiful effect.

Marble flooring has been used around swimming pool and bath areas for centuries. Today’s brushed marble tiles are even more water friendly, resisting skids with natural friction. They can be hosed off and air-dried. Gothicstone Collection offers an online catalog and expert support.


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