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Marble, Travertine and Limestone Countertops

Marble is the stone that has defined awe-inspiring luxury for centuries. Its appeal is timeless, and marble, travertine and limestone counters are amongst the most popular architectural accents adorning beautiful homes around the world. In fact, as far as counter tops go, nothing suggests sophistication and richness in the way marble counters do. Whether you need a counter top for your bathroom, kitchen, outdoor dining or living area, there is an enormous variety of colors available in marble. The same goes for travertine and limestone. From beige, red and black, to shades of white, amber and pale gold, between these three varieties of stone, you can literally let your imagination run wild.

At Gothicstone, we have done our best to do justice to the extensive variety that marble, travertine and limestone offer. Our range of counters in these stones, although not exhaustive, is certainly wide enough to accommodate most preferences and tastes. While we have alternatives that accentuate that distinctive sheen of marble, we also have various options in travertine and limestone counters for those who prefer a toned-down look that will blend into the background.

Whatever the specific type of marble, travertine or limestone counter you are looking for, browse through our range and we are quite certain that you won’t be disappointed. Please contact us if you need more information or have specific questions about our counters or any of our other products in marble, limestone or travertine.


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