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Pool Coping

The right kind of pool coping can really enhance that feeling of bright freshness that you will want someone to associate with your swimming pool. And nothing does it better than the inviting feel and smooth texture of polished natural stone.

At Gothicstone, while we work with all kinds of natural stone, our specialty lies in pool copings made from travertine. The greatest qualities of travertine are that it always remains cools underfoot and while it feels smooth, it is also a non-slip surface, a crucial need around a swimming pool. It also does not wear easily and that ‘new’ look of your pool coping is preserved for years!

Our pool copings are single sided full bullnose and the regular thicknesses that we offer include two sizes – 3 cm (1 1/4“ thick) and 5 cm (2” thick). The dimensions range from 4X9 to 12X24. The colors that we have include caramel cream (light) and caramel walnut noce. To give you a better idea of the colors and more details about the sizes, we have provided a catalog with very clear accompanying images. Please bear in mind that we also provide pool copings in custom-built sizes and thicknesses, if you have a special requirement.

Please get in touch with us for more information about our pool copings, and our representative will offer you whatever details you need as well as give you a quote.


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