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Pool coping is an accent feature on any pool project. Travertine pool coping, like limestone and marble pool coping, all stay cool, and are beautiful and durable. 

Gothicstone produces travertine pool coping stones to your exact size and surface texture specifications for both residential and commercial swimming pool projects.  In addition, limestone and marble pool copings are also produced in straight and radius copings for your project. Produced in various thicknesses such as 1 1/4″, 2″, and 2.8″, depending on the look you want to achieve. We have twelve different surface finishes for all our natural stone products to enhance the aesthetics and co-efficient of friction (non-slip) concerns.  

Concerning free-form pools, we produce radius copings, just send us the drawings or templates.  For a rectangular or contemporary look, long-length single-piece copings look great!  We produce standard length sizes from 30”, 36” 42” up to 84” and various widths.  Furthermore, we produce slotted drainage pavers to match the pool deck pavers and coping for the overflow water escape on the pool deck. 

buceto limestone pool pavers coping
buceto limestone pool pavers
caramel Limestone pool coping
caramel travertine coping treads split face veneer
travertine pavers and radius pool coping
caramel-travertine pool and spa coping
caramel travertine pool coping square edge and pool tile
drainage pool pavers
seahaze sea limestone pool coping
caramel travertine slab pavers pool coping square edge
Radius flat faced eased edge coping

Travertine Pool Coping Cleaning and Sealing

Travertine, limestone, and marble pool coping are wet set on the beam of the pool.  We recommend that the pool builder and/or contractor seal the pool coping stones with an impregnating sealer.  This type of sealer penetrates the stone and does not make it slippery. With natural stone, you should never use a prophylactic coating type of sealer because the stone wants to breathe.  Use a “breathable” sealer that tends to last many years longer. When using a high-quality sealer, you will only have to seal every 5-10 years or longer.  Gothicstone recommends Stain Proof, cleaners, and sealer products.  For more information, see our FAQ

In conclusion, natural travertine, limestone, or marble pool copings are best suited as pool coping stones since they will not get hot in direct sunlight.